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Improv with Kim Kardashian

Back in fall of 2019 I got asked, along with a group of other performers, to film an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashian's. I was waiting to join The Groundlings Sunday Company in November, so they asked a small group of us if we would come do an hour long improv class for the show. We didn't have a clue who would be there. I was just excited to get to do improv for a TV show.

When we arrived I was excited, nervous, not sure what to expect. That's when Kim K walked through the doors like a damn angel! Seriously she was glowing. You think there's no way someone who looks like that on instagram looks like this in real life. Well she did, and better.

Not only was she so beautiful she was truly the nicest, nicer than what I thought a celebrity of her caliber would be. Scott was also there but he was not glowing, lol. Anyway we did fun improv games for an hour and did some scenes. Kim and Scott were so complimentary. In February a trailer aired and it was really cool finally having something silly to point at and be like "look all the improv classes I took were worth it!"

Watch the trailer here:

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