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I've always had an interesting relationship with fitness. Growing up my mother competed in fitness competitions and was on American Gladiators (yes she's more famous than me). I found my mom and the fitness world inspiring, cool, and definitely hard to maintain. Growing up playing sports it's easy to stay in shape. I played soccer were we had practice twice a week and a game every weekend. I ate relatively healthy because my mom was always eating healthy. So once I was out on my own things got not so easy.

Living without your parents for the first time you realize one huge life changing thing; I can eat whatever I want whenever I want. I gained weight. OBVIOUSLY. At the time I was living in New York City, I didn't have the luxury of playing soccer to keep me in shape, I had to start working out like an adult. My apartment had a gym, which was awesome and cool and all that jazz but nothing is more boring then running on a treadmill. I didn't have friends or know about any workout studios. Plus I have anxiety when trying new things so I usually self sabotage and don't do it! My mom being my built-in-for-life fitness coach was concerned. Working out is not only good for your body it's good for your mind.

Since I wasn't leaving the house I decided I was going to do an at home workout called Insanity, my mom recommend it. It's a 30 day challenge and let me tell you IT SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did it every day, mostly giving up because no one could hold me accountable, and screaming at the TV because the people in the videos started driving me crazy. The same like seven videos for 30 days! I WENT INSANE. I guess it worked? Yes it did, I lost weight and I was looking banging.

Was very proud of these ab lines

Then I moved to LA...

Hopped of the plane at LAX with my dreams and my cat. Since Los Angeles was such a far move and I didn't know anyone my mom stayed with me for a couple weeks. Which was amazing I had my own personal trainer. I got a gym membership at Golds Gym and she left. I went to the gym 3/4 times a week but like I said earlier IT'S SO BORING!!!!!!!!!! I found out about ClassPass and at first I was like no way that's terrifying *self sabotage* but then I got over my fears and love ClassPass. I found two amazing studios out of it and finally found a way to make fitness a common part of my life.

I started competing in fitness competitions. Which has become huge component in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It's the perfect motivator.


I even started a fitness podcast! Now I have to workout! FOREVER! I co-host Fit BTCH with my friend Nicole Nobles. Every episode we try a new fitness class and talk about our experience. It forces me to get out of my comfort zone and explore other fitness alternatives. I also get to bitch about all the stuff I hate.

Working out is hard, but it's good for you. Not just for staying in shape but keeping your mind clean and happy.

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